MERCY Worldwide

MERCYworldwide Interview: Michelle Brown from Rob Onekea on Vimeo.



Our Vision

MERCYworldwide’s vision is to provide compassionate service that will create opportunities and change the lives of the world’s most poor, sick and suffering.

Our Mission

MERCYworldwide is a faith based 501(c)3 benevolent organization that is committed to Maximizing Efforts – people, organizations, resources and funding – to provide Relief and Care to those in need and to inspire and motivate those in underprivileged conditions, with a special focus on Youth, worldwide.

Why We Serve

We serve in response to the call of the scriptures to imitate the compassionate heart of Jesus, who looked after the poor, needy and less fortunate, healed sickness and disease, provided food and shelter and defended the weak.

Who We Serve

We believe we are one community, the global community and that there is one race, the human race.  MERCYworldwide is committed to serving the poor, needy and less fortunate around the world.

How We Serve

One of the unique aspects of MERCYworldwide is our ever-growing base of talented and dedicated volunteers, called MERCY Ambassadors, located in MERCY branches across 6 continents.  We partner with various organizations in our local communities, thus maximizing the efforts to provide relief and care, and serving the youth.

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